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How expatriates in India boost tourism!

Expatriate is a person who temporarily or permanently resides in a country other than one’s homeland. Being an expat can be a great opportunity to explore the country from a different perspective unlike a tourist and gives one the chance to live like a local.


Top Foods You Must Try in India

Travel to foreign countries gives us the chance to soak in the culture. It also gives us the opportunity to experience some of the most authentic dishes outside of your local ethnic buffet. The foods in local eateries may be amazing, but when tried in


Things we hope airlines did sooner…

An airline, according to Wiki, is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight. But hey! wasn’t it always more than that? For me it’s been about strategic packing, choosing the preferred seats, to do list for every destination involved, deciding

The Best Hotels of 2014

With all the neck to neck competition that the hotel industry is enduring these days, here’s presenting the top 10 hotels of 2014 (Reviewers Choice). 1. The Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina, Switzerland.   2. The Upper House, Hong Kong.     3. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives,


North Indian Street Food At Its Best

They say – “The lion is the most handsome when looking for food”. I exhibit a similar trait. Living in India welcomes you to a superfluity of cuisines. Some cuisines are regional like Punjabi, Gujarati, Parsi, Rajasthani or Malwani. Some are international like Continental, Mexican


Let’s save Maldives before its gone…

A soon to be married friend was discussing this honeymooners paradise when it dawned upon me that Maldives would soon be gone. Maldives… the sunny side of life, is what its official tourism site calls it. Couldn’t agree better. A nation that thrives largely on tourism

Haunted Palaces, Sites and Forts of India

The Domains of Rajas The ancient forts of England and Europe are often portrayed in movies and television as a common site. We know the legend of Arthur and the many sieges and battles surrounding these forts. However, the great forts of India are little-known in the west,