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6 Must-Go-To Places in March



An architectural masterpiece, Prague gets all sunny in March. The Czech capital livens up with a Bohemian swag to it in the third month of the year. Holidaying in Prague in March can open-up for you off-season rates of hotels and provide an amazing opportunity for you to enjoy enthralling castles, captivating churches, archaic museums, and delicious cuisine of this amazing city.


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The lake city of India, Udaipur is located in the tourist-favorite state of Rajasthan. In March, Udaipur awakens like no other city and its exotic forts and palaces gain a reason to emerge out of the fog and mesmerize you with their grandeur. The dried-up lakes also get resuscitated and boating tours galore. Udaipur is also particularly easy to reach with many spring hotspots nearby such as Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Agra.


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