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Top Las Vegas Flight Deals

Origin Destination One Way Round Trip
Los Angeles Las Vegas $48 $96
San Francisco Las Vegas $58 $116
Phoenix Las Vegas $75 $150
Dallas Fort Worth Las Vegas $83 $141
Chicago Las Vegas $88 $157
Origin Destination One Way Round Trip
Seattle Las Vegas $112 $221
Houston Las Vegas $116 $219
New York Las Vegas $145 $290
Newark Las Vegas $145 $290
Atlanta Las Vegas $174 $332

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Save big on cheap flights to Las Vegas with exclusive low fare deals at TravelOpod. With cheap airfares for the entire family, you can splurge on fun and entertainment during your Vegas vacation!

Those who visited Vegas say that it’s purely a sensory overload. Take off to this neon-lit vacationers’ paradise and see it for yourself. For sure, the Las Vegas skyline is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The replicas of the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and the pyramid are iconic landmarks, but half way through your dreams and reality, there’s always something more that will keep you on your toes. Get ready for this sensory treat called Las Vegas!

Whether you’re in mood for a wild party or a relaxing getaway, Las Vegas will satiate all your needs. Start your tour of Las Vegas on the Strip and then treat your eyes and senses to the mesmerizing sights. Take out your wallet and try your luck at one of the lavish casinos. Go for a shopping spree at the upscale malls or the fancier Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and the indoor version of Venice at The Grand Canal Shoppes. And who can forget the culinary adventures in Vegas! An epicurean’s smorgasbord, Las Vegas plays host to numerous celebrity chef outlets. When it’s evening, there’s nothing like losing oneself in Las Vegas’ world renowned nightlife. Savor all this and more with cheap tickets to Las Vegas at TravelOpod.

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